Brandy Isom 

Brandy’s Story:

 The last 2 years have been ROUGH; emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. In Fall of 2017 I split from my husband. One day things were 'fine' and the next morning I was suddenly a single mom having to figure it out alone.

This is extremely hard for me to admit, and extremely hard to post pictures of (I decided to be brave)... but at that point in my life in 2017, I weighed above 200 lbs (208 at my highest). At 5-foot nothin', that was not a healthy weight for me, and a hard realization to swallow.
After my separation, I lost about 25 LBS within 3 months... I call this the "Divorce Diet". Although it was nice to shed some pounds, this "divorce diet" was far from healthy. I guess I could explain this as unintentional eating disorder to an extent. I tried to eat, but anything that touched my lips made me gag. Food smelled horrible, everything tasted terrible. Forcing myself to eat didn't help because the nausea was so intense that it came right back up anyway. (sorry TMI?)

After a few looong months, I got my appetite back. I was beginning to handle life much better and felt happier overall and decided to continue losing weight. But this time in a healthy way. I lost another 30 LBS by working out on my lunch break, eating better foods, and being more active in general. As life got busier, I didn't prioritize working out, I found myself distracted with social media, and overall wasting time. I didn't eat terrible, but I wasn’t fueling my body how it deserved. I didn't ever gain any weight during this time, but I also wasn't losing more either.

So, of course for the new year of 2020 I had a goal to get back on track. This time my goal felt different though, somehow more attainable. Something clicked in my head that it's not just about fitness or weight loss, but about total body health. I can't be truly healthy unless every aspect of my body is healthy; mind, body, spirit, etc. and I could feel the need to heal spiritually. I was neglecting myself.  Recently I’ve been implementing meditation into my daily routine, cutting out distractions/screen time, pinpointing the areas spiritually that I need some extra healing. Being more mindful in everyday tasks. It all adds up.

So, here I am now publicly re-committing to losing my last 30 lbs.


Here are my progress photos from the last 2 years. I am SO proud of how far I’ve come, and my determination to keep going and making a complete lifestyle change.
IMG_7814.jpg  IMG_7815.jpg  IMG_6210.jpg  IMG_6213.jpg 

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@Brandy Isom YOU ARE INCREDIBLE ðŸ™ŒðŸ™ŒðŸ™Œ and such an inspiration.  As mothers it's so hard to prioritize yourself first, but I believe in order to be the best mom you have to become the best version of you. I also learned this past year that mental health is just as important as physical health. Set intentions and be intentional, your journey is just beginning and you can do amazing things, you've already accomplished so much. 
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Brandy Isom 
Thank you @swmom! That means a lot. Being a mother can be a tough role to balance. Thank you for the encouraging words!
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Nichole Nelson 
@Brandy Isom You are AMAZING!!  You will achieving so much in 2020, you got this! 
XOXO Colie â¤
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Brandy Isom 
@Nichole Nelson Thanks girl!!
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Wow! This story is super inspirational. Thank you very much for being this vulnerable! It is amazing to see your results but hearing your transformation through not just body but mind and soul is beautiful! You are beautiful! Again, thank you for sharing and showing that we are not as fragile as we think we are! 
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Carol Long
Brandy, thanks for sharing your story-in-progress. I have always seen you as smart and strong, a hard worker and fierce Mama Bear. I am glad you are back in Dixie not only for our sake but because I think our beautiful weather encourages a more active life, or at least it does me. I know you will succeed at all your goals because that is just who you are! 
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Emerson Carnavale 
Brandy, you are awesome! We are so fortunate to have you with us again. Your journey has been a tough one for sure, but one day you will be able took back and connect the dots.  It will all make sense.  These experiences will be for your growth and benefit. You are a better person because you kept going and didn’t give up. Keep it up!!!
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Way to go Brandy!  Seeing your transformation amidst a difficult divorce and single mom life is remarkable and I have so much respect and admiration for you, it's not often  you see a woman rise, grow stronger, and healthier after such a life change.  You are setting such a great example for your kiddos, Keep going, you are doing an amazing job!
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