Hi everyone,

I wanted to share my life message: no matter what you deal with in life, YOU ARE WORTHY.

Worthy of love, of respect, of mercy, of understanding, of empathy..

I've dealt with overweight issues since I was little. It mostly stemmed from growing up in a not so functional home, and from spending a lot of after-school time alone. Over my schooling years, I struggled with having a good self-image and seeing myself the way those who love me did. I had trouble letting any kind of 'crush' develop because I was scared to be loved. After graduating high school and moving on into college, I eventually began to see that I wasn't happy with not just my weight, but my mindset. 

I decided I wanted to change -- and in order to do so, I had to choose to change.

It wasn't easy. My college years flew by, my major changed, I lost friends, gained friends, changed jobs, and faced struggles of 'what do I really want to do with my life' as any other early-twenties-aged person does. I faced the gym and liked it -- I found a beautiful sort of freedom in Zumba, confidence as my dumbbells shaped my body in ways I had never seen before, and learned what a runner's high is (and why it's AWESOME).

I eventually not only lost weight, but I lost what was really weighing me down: self-doubt, self-dislike, lack of confidence, lack of discipline, and unforgiveness. I believe the mental ramifications of these things really do take physical tolls on our bodies.

So in my life journey, I wanted to share what is really the most important thing I've gained: understanding of worth. I am worthy. I am loved. It starts with me. 

Thanks for reading.
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Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Melissa! So inspiring. And also love that you  talk about self worth, self love and really understanding that it all starts with loving yourself!!
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Ian McEuen 
Thank you for this. I really needed these words today!!
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This is very inspiring! I recently learned to accept/love myself and my whole outlook in life has changed for the better. Wish you many more success to come!
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Tanja Kern 
Self-acceptance makes a big change in our lives. It is so important to remind ourselves that we are worthy and enough, just the way we are. 
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