Arianna Calvin 
Back when I was on summer vacation after my Freshman year of High School my best friend showed my the “What the Health” documentary and I was SO shook that I was so fooled by the system of how everyone thinks you have to eat meat to survive. I never thought I could ever be a Vegan but after watching that documentary I was too upset to even think about eating animals again. Not only was I upset about the animals I was more terrified about my own health and how it was really affecting me. Ever since going Vegan I enjoy my life a lot more! Having all this energy and feeling “clean” after eating healthy and clean food. I thank my best friend for changing my life and forcing me to watch that documentary with her because without it I don’t think I could enjoy my life the way I do now! 4 years later & I am still going strong💪🏼🌱
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