Charissa Mohn 
I want to preface this topic by saying I'm not promoting BeachBody in any way. I'm not a coach so I make no money off of promoting it.

Nearly three years ago - almost to the day - I distinctly remember trying dresses on for a friends wedding. I'm about 5'1"... so short. Which means I have to shop in the petite or teens section. I was having a very hard time finding something that hid my wide midsection. I hated it. I remember crying in the dressing room.

I realized I needed to do something. I looked in the mirror and realized that I needed to make some sort of change. I was ashamed. I realize now that using the word 'ashamed' is not a healthy mindset to be in, but at the time, it was what I needed to be my catalyst.

I hopped on Facebook, where I remember seeing a friend of a friend advertising a week long free 5 minute ab challenge. I signed up. A week later... I had done about two of the videos. That was when I realized that I'm going to need to make a change and STICK with it. Because ultimately, it'll be consistency that works.

So I dove in. I signed up for Beachbody and told myself I'd finish something. After several weeks of trying different videos, I realized that it was working. I fell in love with working out. (not cardio. Cardio is hardio. Mostly strength training) It became a daily therapy session for myself. I've continued on this journey for the last 3 years, changing my diet to include mostly plants and tracking everything.

Here are some before photos:
  IMG_7711.png     IMG_7710.jpg  

And here is a photo from just a few weeks ago: Excuse how gross I look, I had just finished a workout.IMG_1398.jpg

I learned so much about myself during this journey. Here are some of the things that kept me going:
1. If you change nothing, nothing will change.
2. The key to success is realizing that you start where you stand (wherever that may be) and you finish what you start.
3. Consistency is key.
4. Eat the dang carbs.
5. You can do hard things. You just need to get your mind in the right spot, and your body will respond.
6. Don't become completely obsessed with the scale. There are so many other ways to tell that you're becoming stronger than you were yesterday. Can you lift heavier for longer? Sleeping better? Feeling less stressed? Those were all factors that I considered whenever the scale didn't move.
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Megan Walker 
Well done!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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