For so long I had been busy with college that I barely ever have time to sleep let alone learn about healthy living and clean eating. I promised myself that once I graduated from my masters degree in clinical psychology I would work hard to become healthier and lose weight. Just four days after I graduated I ended up in the emergency room needing my gallbladder removed. After a very long recovery due to complications during surgery, are stuck to my promise but it was a very long journey. 4 years later & 30lbs lighter. I’m finally on the right track! I just learned about Sunwarrior‘s protein powders so I am excited to discover that and can’t wait to receive my sample packs! My total goal is to lose 80-90 lbs. I’m also working out though Zoom classes of  adaptive Workout classes for thoughts w disabilities & taking 3 adaptive zoom dance classes: Jazz, Flamenco, & Salsa! This has been my journey so far🥰 
Mary Mocny
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