Ahh! Judgement sometimes has me captured. Judgement of myself, others and then judgement about judging. How as a human being are we supposed to calm and quiet this voice? Any ideas!?
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My biggest issue is judging myself and thinking everyone else is judging me just as harshly. When I get caught up in those thoughts, I try to remember that I'm one person in a sea of people. Most of them aren't even actually paying attention to me. I've also realized that focusing on positive traits (about myself or the other person) breaks that negative thought pattern.  
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@JC Nat Hard Reset! Like when your computer suddenly does the spiraling wheel of death because its 7 years old and you don't really want to but you shut it down anyway by simply just hard resetting it. I think it is a lot like that for me. The more you think of something, the more intense that thought pattern becomes because you give it a story! You give it power. A simple "I am not doing this right now, maybe later" helps for me.
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