Emily Eldridge 

This past summer I was able to work for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and get a glimpse of my future. I had moved to Pentwater, MI to live on my own and take on the new journey. I currently study environmental sciences and will be entering my senior year of college at a pristine college in Michigan. I decided it was time to give back to my planet and body and transition to a proper way of fueling my body rather than just filling it.
I first started with eliminating all add sugar. I felt as if I had much more energy and could more things in my day just by eliminating processed foods. I then transitioned to only consuming fish of all animal products. Now I am completely vegan. 

challenges I have faced are harsh judgements and stereotypes of living this lifestyle. I have found to be the healthiest I’ve ever been and truly love the body I am in. I am currently down 100 pounds and have never felt better. I am not pre-diabetic anymore also which goes to show just by educating ones self in nutrition you’re able to accomplish anything. I love who I am and the moves I have made into find a more sustainable lifestyle. 

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@Emily Eldridge love your story Emily.  How long did it take you to transition from fish to going all vegan?  It's amazing to learn how your body can heal from pre-diabetic just from eating whole foods. What type of judements did you face?  How did you react? 
Lately, I have been filling extra guilty by the waste my family creates and am looking to make more sustainable choices such as no longer buying ziplock bags for snacks and sandwiches and trying to reuse containers that condiments/sauces come in.  For some reason, I live in a rural area and recycling is limited.  I'm also really bummed grocery stores are not allowing customers to bring in and use reusable shopping bags.  I cringe when I get those plastic bags. 
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