Caterina Sotomayor 
Dear ones,
On my 18th birthday I was diagnosed by a rare auto-inmune disease. There is where my journey towards self healing started, we tried many things. Naturopathy, Reiki, Magnified healing, Homeopathy, Allopathic medicine etc. Many of this methods helped for a while, but never attended the root cause of the disease. On 2009 I found myself looking for some solutions to live a much more healthier life. I took a course on raw vegan food and  found out the amount of pesticides food industry adds to their harvests. So my path to be more self aware started.  I changed my food habits and lifestyle, became a yoga and meditation practitioner. Also started looking for some meal replacements and vegan supplements that would nurture my body on this changes. There is were I found Sunwarrior products and immediately fell in love. ¡¡¡All in one!!!
Although I live in South America and we do not find there products here, I made an effort to support my own self transformation and I really do not regret it. My disease is now under control and being supported by a complete nutrition thanks to this products.
It might help others as well....
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